11 September 2020
Our Curriculum and Learning

As we move on post lockdown and through Phase 3 of the Scottish Government Roadmap to Recovery, school and schooling is looking quite different to what it was like before and all indications are that this will continue to be so for some time to come.

Schools are not following the normal curriculum -  under instruction from the Scottish Government, our main focus is in Health and Wellbeing, Literacy and Numeracy.   

In terms of Wellbeing, children are given opportunity to play together and are learning again to share space and resource.  Activities around mindfulness and relaxation are built into the day.   Opportunity to process and manage these unusual times are also planned as part of the day.

Alongside this, we are assessing all children to ascertain the impact of Lockdown on learning and the starting point as we move forward.

How we assess:

Teachers are continually assessing informally to monitor and check understanding.  Specific planned assessment activities are implemented alongside continuous assessment through questioning and observation during teaching and learning to constantly assess where the learners are and what they need to do next.

In addition, this term we are conducting a series of more formal assessments to ascertain exactly where each child is in learning.   These assessments are varied in form and based around literacy and numeracy skills.

What we are looking at in measuring success:

  • The degree of independence a child demonstrates
  • The level of support needed
  • The degree of complexity of the task
  • The extent to which learning is applied in new and unfamiliar contexts
  • A child’s ability to contribute appropriately
  • The child’s ability to question appropriately
  • The level of engagement in thinking
  • Mastery of a skill
  • Depth of knowledge a child demonstrates

How are the pupils involved?

Pupils know what they are learning through the sharing of learning intentions and success criteria, and are regularly encouraged to assess how they are getting on, feeding into their successes and next steps in learning both orally and in writing in the second level.

We are having learning discussions with pupils.  They are using their assessments to track their own learning and understanding earning against learning targets with support from the teacher, identifying where they are now and what the next steps are.

Pupils are sharing with the teacher how they see themselves as learners and what they need to be able to learn the best they can.

What we will do with this information?

The information will be shared with parents towards the end of term once it has been prepared.  This will be in the form of a folio.  This we see as a great opportunity for parents to see exactly where their child is in their learning and to support them in their next steps.

Teachers will then use the information to plan next learning, to form groupings and to target support and challenge. 

There will be no individual Parents’ Evenings this term, although we do hope that we will be able to arrange these virtually next term.

Unfortunately, we cannot hold any open afternoons.  We ask that parents please keep an eye on the class blogs which are updated regularly and show some of the things that children are doing in school.  These are accessible through the schools’ website, which is being used as the primary platform for communication at this time.


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