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P1-7 with Mrs Stevenson


Curriculum Newsletter August 2020 - click here

Christmas Performance

We have recorded a Christmas Nativity Poem and a Makaton song for everyone to see this Christmas time since we cannot give a normal performance. A link below to our Google Classroom will take you to these videos. If you are not already logged in, use your children's Google logins to access this (******@dingwallacademy.org.uk)

We hope you enjoy our digital performances and can see all the hard work the children put into these. 

Merry Christmas!!



Christmas Lunch 16.12.20

We all had great fun at Christmas Lunch today and looked fabulous in our festive jumpers. We made our own placemats to have our Christmas Lunch on also! Have a look at some pictures from today below.


Christmas Crafts 4.12.20

Christmas has started now!


Anti Bullying Week 20.11.20

This week is Anti Bullying Week. We discussed as a class what bullying means and what it looks like. We talked about what we could do if someone was bullying you or if you seen somebody bullying another person. We designed a poster to put up in our school to make people aware of the types of bullying and to help people talk about bullying to try and prevent it.


Outdoor Art 19.11.20

With the weather being very wet, we got on our wellie boots and went outdoors for art.  We were looking at the silhouettes of the winter trees and their backgrounds. We used the puddles to mix our paint and the rain to merge our background colours together.


Literacy 18/11/20

We have been practising our word building in our Literacy lesson today. We had great fun using magnetic letters to create some of our common words.


Children In Need 13.11.20

We had great fun at Children In Need. We did lots of fun activities and decorated some cupcakes.



Children in Need Friday 13th November

We made posters today for Children in Need on Friday. It is wear your pyjamas day or dress up day. We will have fun activites and will do Joe Wicks' workout to keep us active. 

Please bring in a donation if you are dressing up or wearing pyjamas. It will all be going to a great cause. 


Monday 9/11/20

As part of our writing today, we made Remembrance Leaflets to remember all those people who died whilst fighting in the wars. We looked at why we remember, what we do to remember and what a Remembrance Service would be like. We have drawn some of our own Remembrance Day art on the front covers of our leaflets to make them eye catching!

We had some Super Star Writers when making these leaflets! Well Done All!



Halloween Fun 30/10/20

We all had great fun, dressing up, playing games, doing scavenger hunts and carving pumpkins. Our Pumpkins looked great!

We had a Spooktacular Day!!



Here at Ferintosh Primary, children's voices and opinions are highly valued and we want our children to be a part of the planning and decision making for our school. The children took part in a committee meeting with Ms Hammond, followed up by tasks with Miss Meikle. A main point discussed was that the children wanted to show their individual talents more. We came up with some ideas on how we could help with this, so be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming, amazingly talented, children. 



Picking Apples


This afternoon, we picked the apples in our garden. They were ready to eat and we decided as a class it would be a good idea to take them home to eat or bake with. We came up with an effective solution for everyone to get the same number of apples home. Everyone took one apple at a time, all at the same time, until there was not enough to share out anymore. Everyone got the same amount of apples to take home which I hope they all enjoyed! 




For Art this week, we were creating tree pictures using natural resources from our wonderful outdoors space. We tried to make them as real life as possible, using resources that match what we were creating. They have turned out great!



Team Building


We have been building and strengthening our Team Work and Friendship skills. Building Marble Runs and taking part in activities, working in a group, allows us to get jobs done quicker and makes our class into one big team. 


Setting Targets

At Ferintosh Primary, we are aiming for the stars! We have set some personal targets for Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing for this term. We will keep these displayed and refer back to them until we acheive them. We all want to be the best that we can be! 


Mindfulness Art


With the weather being very wet and windy this afternoon, we completed our art inside and took some time to relax and unwind after a busy morning of learning and working hard. We focused on line work and how to fill spaces with pattern instead of block colour. We were also looking closely at how different sizes of lines can create different patterns and fill areas differently. 


Mini Beast Scavenger Hunt


This afternoon, the children enjoyed being outdoors, investigating their playground area. We were on a Mini Beast hunt and ticked off as many as we could find on our lists. We were also exploring our senses outside. We looked for objects with texture, objects that are smooth, objects that have a smell and objects that are coloured. We were also looking at whether things were man made or grown from nature. We had great fun in the lovely weather!

Health and Wellbeing 


The children had great fun this afternoon investigating Woodlouse, their habitats and behaviours. They then created bug hotels and race tracks to watch how the Woodlouse responded to a different location. 

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