P6/7 Residential Trip - Craggan Outdoors

Mulbuie and Ferintosh Primary Schools offer all P6 and P7 pupils the opportunity to participate in an activity-based residential trip, along with pupils from other schools in the Associated Schools Group.

Pupils enjoy the challenge of spending time away from home, making new friends, working with a range of people and trying things that they have not done before.




Pupils Comments 

I learnt that I am far braver that I thought I was before.

I faced my fears.

I felt confident on the high ropes when David encouraged me to do it.

I had to be responsible for our rooms and keeping them tidy.

I learnt that I can go over the see saw on my bike.

I had to be responsible by listening to the rules to stay safe and for other people's safety.

I was an effective contributor when I helped other members from the group on the pizza box.

I learnt how to use a bow and arrow.

I made new friends.



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