We are constantly striving towards improvement and as such we welcome visitors to our schools in all capacities.

We have in place a rigourous programme of self-evaluation for improvement.

If you are interested in our most recent Standards and Quality Report and School Improvement Plan please click here for the summary, published June 2019.  Full copy is available from the office on request.

The collated responses from our most recent pupils survey on the Curriculum and on Well-being and Inclusion at Mulbuie and Ferintosh can be found here.

The collated repsonses from our recent parent survey on Communication can be found here.

We encourage feedback in our suggestions boxes which are located at the front door to the school and in the nursery foyer, and ask for opinions and views at every opportunity to help us in our self evaluation and inform our next steps.

Not least, we value and welcome external evaluations from professionals and colleagues across the service, and enjoy the challenge of acting upon recommendations as well as the satisfaction of celebrating success.

School Improvement in 2019-20


  Pupil Voice 




    School Improvement Plan Summary Sep 2019






  School Improvement - Impact on Practice Feb 2020







School Improvement in 2018-19 


Learning Cycle Policy          Raising Attainment in Writing

Nurturing Approaches and Barriers to Learning


School Improvement in 2017-18


Developing Relationship Skills                Review of School Aims


What you said:  

  • You would like more sporting opportunities for the children

What we did:      

  •      Started lunchtime clubs in football and dodgeball
  •      Entered the Highlife Highland Winter Running Series
  •      Supported parents in running an after school shinty club and an after school football club



School Improvement in 2016-17


parental engagement           

Parental Representation          Support Statement           Improving Reading


Sustainable Learning

                    School Improvement in 2015-16


learning and teaching                                  

 Learning and Teaching                                          Playground


This year, we have introduced a Peer Mediation service to support the children in managing their conflict.



School Improvement Through Parents' Feedback

What you said:

  • The pupils' experiences in the playground were difficult for them sometimes
  • You wanted more involvement in your children's learning

What we did:

  • Improved lunchtime provision for the children - for more details, click here.
  • Reviewed and developed our profiling arrangements
  • Set up a Parents Evaluation Group to support school improvement

What you said:

  • You did not always know what was going on in the school and nursery
  • Golden Time was not productive
  • You were unsure how progress was measured and judgements on learning were made
  • You wanted more involvement in your children's learning
  • You were happy with progress in literacy and in maths
  • The supervision in the playground was not adequate

What we did:

  • Reviewed our methods of communication and revised our policy
  • Improved the use of the communication books and the noticeboard in the nursery foyer
  • Reviewed how Golden Time works and included more structure to the activities
  • Invited parents as volunteers to read with children - for example at Roald Dahl day - and to support a Citizenship group during Golden Time
  • Produced an assessment leaflet as a guide for parents
  • Drafted milestones in learning and shared this with the Parent Council
  • Timetabled for at least two adults to supervise the playground at every break

The collation of the responses from the latest school survey are available here.


What you said:

  • Open afternoons were lovely and you enjoyed visiting your child in school and seeing the work they are doing
  • The Parents' Evening in June was too late in the year
  • The P1 Parent Information Session on the Curriculum for Excellence is very useful in helping understand what happens in school and this would be interesting for parents of older children too
  • You value workshops as a different experience for your child in education
  • Golden Time was not working for all pupils as an incentive
  • You valued the school clubs and were keen for them to continue

What we did:

  • organised an open afternoon early into the session in addition to the one that will be held later in the year
  • re-arranged the timetable so that there is a Parents' Evening in March
  • led an Information Session on the Curriculum for Excellence for parents of pupils further up the school in term 3 of this session
  • Worked in partnership with other groups and organisations to provide workshops throughout the year, including in story telling, writing, science, drugs awareness, drama and dance.
  • Reviewed the Behaviour Policy and refreshed our approach to Golden Time
  • Worked with the Active Schools Coordinator and parents to organise and support school clubs in cross country, shinty, chess, fundraising and Multi-sports


What you said:

  • there were incidents of bullying in the school, particularly in the playground
  • there were not enough opportunities for pupils after school
  • you wanted to know more about the curriculum for excellence
  • you wanted some after school child care provision
  • the turnover of staff was concerning in terms of continuity of provision


What we did:

  • organised staffing to have two members of staff in playground for a period of time
  • implemented the Resilient Kids Programme with P1-5
  • implemented a series of PSD with P6-7
  • worked with parents to set up a cross country club and a netball club after school
  • included information and links regularly in newsletter about curriculum for excellence
  • organised the open afternoon to share aspects of Curriculum for Excellence with you, including the children in explaining how they learned in school
  • liaised with the After School Club at Ben Wyvis Primary to advertise and offer that facility to our pupils, including free pick up at Mulbuie Primary
  • we are starting 2013-14 with a full cohort of permanent staff



Standards and Quality Report - June 2012

Parental Survey Data - September 2012

Standards and Quality Report - May 2013

School Improvement Plan - Aug 2013

Standards and Quality Report - June 2014

School Improvement Plan - Aug 2014

Standards and Quality Report - June 2015

School Improvement Plan - Aug 2015

Standards and Quality Report - June 2016

School Improvement Plan - Aug 2016


School Inspection Report - Nov 2010

Nursery Inspection Report - Mar 2016


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